Bruno to the Reader

Dear friends, read this book carefully, because it is the evidence of the existence of salvation, both from a spiritual and an human point of view.

I am a very religious person, although not a zealot. I have studied almost all religions, including the most primitive ones, and I feel the need to say that human religiousness is a key to salvation. I am a catholic, but I also esteem other religions. When one prays to almighty God, he is doing good, whatever the name he calls Him. I often live near to my beloved Franciscan friars, because I feel that St. Francis was one of the best proponents of mysticism, of self-negation, of profound wisdom, despite his lack of culture, an example of goodness and love, which he demonstrated both in his life and his body, up to his last minute. That's why I love friar Francesco, and the Franciscans, but I do love also all the friars who, concealed within their silence, perform many more good works than what others perform in the open.

As for this book, read it carefully. For a while, forget what you have learnt up to now, forget what idiots, ignorants and liars say, because their statements are an obstacle, and please do concentrate your mind on what is being said.

That's what I was hoping, while writing these lines.

                                                                                                                                   Bruno Sammaciccia

                                                                                                                                      Chieti, May 2000


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