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La Fondazione Keshe è un'organizzazione indipendente no-profit e non-religioso fondato da MT ingegneria nucleare Keshe che mira a sviluppare nuove conoscenze scientifiche, nuove tecnologie e nuove soluzioni ai grandi problemi globali, come carestie, scarsità d'acqua, la mancanza di alimentazione elettrica, il cambiamento climatico, e la malattia, attraverso l'utilizzo di reattori al plasma appositamente sviluppati, che offrirà all'umanità la vera libertà di viaggiare nello spazio profondo o viaggi interstellari.


Due to the success of the 21 April meeting, the second international presentation for governments and space institutes is being planned for 6 September 2012 at the Keshe Foundation Center in Belgium.

In the meeting we brought together representatives of several governments, and the positive changes which the Foundation can bring about have already started.

Because of the nature of our work, we will not release any information about these meetings and the same has been asked of the ambassadors and officials who attended the meeting on the 21st.

Only invited representatives of governments are allowed. Outside nothing will be seen. Please, let the guests participate in peace. Next public event is on 21 September 2012.

Please keep up the information flow to your governments, as this is more effective than just us talking to them. We have seen it work when we inform the governments about our technology and at the same time they know that their public knows what is going on with our discoveries.

Through our release of information and informing governments directly about the capabilities of this technology, we know that two international peace talks have been brought forward, which have been in the news of late.

This technology presented on 21 April will not be shelved, but all efforts will be made to control it.


Important notice
With the presidential decree signed into law by President Obama earlier this week, the use by other governments of the space technologies developed by the Keshe Foundation and others similar has now become a criminal offence.

This means that from this week scientists cannot release their technology to the public or to any governments any more unless it is for use in war and beneficial to Western arms manufacturing nations.

We do not accept such a castration of science and we ask the United States of America's government for clarification of this decree by the White House.

Is this law to silence the Keshe Foundation and other research organizations, or can America bring pressure so that only their technology can be accepted throughout the world?

This presidential decree is against international scientific freedom for development, research and information sharing and this is a gagging order on scientific organizations like ours.

Please inform your press.

M T Keshe


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