As for this book, read it carefully. For a while, forget what you have learnt up to now, forget what idiots, ignorants and liars say, because their statements are an obstacle, and please do concentrate your mind on what is being said.

That’s what I was hoping, while writing these lines.


Bruno Sammaciccia




(the man who met yhr W56's and has lived 22 years together with them, since 1956 up to 1978)

Chieti, May 2000


An American version of this book, under the title “Mass Contacts” has been printed in the USA by AuthorHouse, and is available both at Amazon and at Arcturus Books Inc. .



Stefano Breccia

A comment by

 Robert Girard (Arcturus Books Inc.):


 Breccia, Stefano.  MASS CONTACTS.  Author House, 2009.  Trade soft, 383pp.  66 photos plus in-text illustrations.  This is one of the most sensational-and controversial-UFO books ever written.  It is the account left to us earthlings by Bruno Sammaciccia concerning a group of aliens, the "W56," who have been on Earth "for millennia," and who had hollowed out an immense cavern beneath the Adriatic Sea, extending all the way to central Italy (!), and from Ortona to Rimini (two towns 235 km apart from north to south), for use as a main Earth base of operations.  By way of establishing a precedent for such a level of infiltration of our Earthly environment, the first section of the book is devoted largely to a study of the "UMMO" affair, still held by some theorists as having been genuine, and not an elaborate hoax.  Sammaciccia served for many years as a liaison between the W56 and "our" world.  The stories of what heroics he had to find ways to perform in order to assist the W56 in their work are both fascinating and often very funny, such as the requests he would get for entire truckloads of certain fruits and vegetables, to be somehow bought and delivered to an alien base without raising the least suspicion among the earthlings.  Even stranger-and funnier-are the stories about the occasional visits of W56 members to the homes or other locations of humans-no small problem, when one of them was 3 meters tall!  The W56 were here until the late 1970s, at which time their alien enemies managed to attack and destroy almost all of the W56 underground world.  The W56 had to leave, but there are now suggestions that they have returned, and have developed an entirely new group of humans serving again as assistants to their work on Earth.  Also fascinating are the stories concerning the battles between the W56 and their enemies, the "CTR."  There are well-documented "incidents," such as the "Pescara Incident," in which the forces unleashed during these wars actually disrupted very large areas, on both land and sea.

This is one of the strangest tales ever to come out of ufology.  It was kept secret for a long time, but Sammaciccia was eventually prevailed upon before his death to set down his experiences.  Author Stefano Breccia knew Sammaciccia intimately, and took on the task of bringing the story to light.  In Italy the book is a best-seller, and could easily become one here, too, if certain "ufologists" of my acquaintance will overcome the despicable cowardice which the economy has brought out in them, and actually spend a few bucks on this book.  $20.00

    (Reviewer's note:  I had volunteered to polish the English text for Mr. Breccia, who has been a great friend for over 20 years.  I did about ¼ of it, but unexpectedly ran into a couple years worth of illness and surgeries, compounded by the collapse of ufology and recently, of the U.S. economy and of Arcturus Books.  I never was able to complete my assignment, which grieves me very deeply.  Forgive the slight "accent" which this book has.  Stay with it.  You have had many conversations with foreigners trying their best to speak English.  Now accept this book for its story; after a few pages you won't even notice its slightly awkward grammar.)

Mass Contacts is available both at Amazon and at (Arcturus Books Inc.)

Si può acquistare il libro, in versione Italiana (Contattismi di Massa), a: NEXUS edizioni


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